Printing customized services

1.Digital Printing

Digital printing is the regular process use for home textile.There are more than thousands of designs in different styles for selecting.We can make printing items as personal photos,drawing,document and so is a economical way for making customized samples and very quickly.

digital printing

2.Shiny Printing

Shiny printing is a great way for beauting our decorative cushion,curtains,and some people also like to print on blanket material for specail days as Christmas day.Most printing is in shiny gold,sliver,and also can be customized into any colors with shiny.

shiny printing cushion


Gilding is a popular process of upholstery fabric during home textile.Sofa fabric always create many styles by Gilding.And it is regular in color of cream,brown,camel,grey to show the modern simple style of home decoration.

Gilding sofa fabric


3D embossing,shows the flower on fabric more three-dimensional,different from plain,it decorate the home more luxury,we have many different designs for choose.And it is mostly used in velour for blanket,and italian velvet fabric for curtains.

Embossing minky dot fabric


Brushing is a nice idea to make the blanket more adorable.Fleece with long hair is the common material for blanket.And brushing can create many cute shape on the surface.

Brushing minky fleece


It is widly used in bedding and cushion.Geometric patterns are the most popular to embroider.Different embroiery ways also show different apparance of items.And we can make products as your personal designs.

Embroidering velvet


Some designs of cushions only can be made by handmakeing.And We also have some handmade designs under selling.If customers want to do it by personal styles,just send the original sample to us,and we will make a same sample for checking.

Handmade cushion