Clothing fabrics are environmentally friendly

- Sep 20, 2019-

Although from the application point of view, it is emphasized that the fabric needs to be environmentally friendly, can not contain toxic and harmful substances, and try not to pollute the environment in production and application, but in fact not all fabrics can be as full as fabrics. There are many fabrics that do not pollute the environment like this, but not all fabrics will not pollute the environment.

The reason why the fabric is not polluted by the environment is mainly because the fabric is made of Tencel fiber, and the Tencel fiber is a mixture of wood pulp, water and solvent amine oxide which are mainly coniferous trees. Made of. On the one hand, the main raw material used is wood pulp. It will not contain toxic and harmful substances due to the material material problem. Natural clothing fabrics will not cause pollution to the environment due to raw materials.

On the other hand, when the fabric is manufactured, the mixed raw materials do not produce any derivative or chemical action during heating to complete dissolution. When the technician directly removes the impurities by removing impurities, the molecular structure is simple carbohydrate. In this way, the fabric can be fully decomposed in the soil, and naturally it will not pollute the environment during the production process and after being discarded.