How to classify sofa fabrics and what are their characteristics?

- Aug 23, 2020-

There are two main types of sofa fabrics: polypropylene sofa fabric and synthetic fiber sofa fabric.

1. Polypropylene sofa fabric. Polypropylene sofa cloth mainly solves the problems in the prior art that the use of viscose suede base cloth as a sofa will cause environmental pollution and easily get stains such as oil stains. In addition, the utility model also solves the technical problems that the organization structure of the existing sofa is not strong enough, is easy to deform and break, and cause accidents.

2. Synthetic fiber sofa fabric. The synthetic fiber sofa cloth includes a plurality of warp threads and weft threads, and is characterized in that the warp threads and weft threads are synthetic fiber threads, and the warp threads and the weft threads are arranged to cross each other at right angles. The synthetic fiber sofa fabric has the characteristics of light weight per unit area, strong wear resistance, no environmental pollution, and can prevent stains such as oil stains.