How to remove ballpoint pen stains on apparel fabrics

- Sep 18, 2019-

In the process of using fabrics, it is easy to get all kinds of stains, especially for families with children. It is easy to get stains such as food residue and ballpoint pen stains on the fabrics. When the fabric is stained with ballpoint pen oil, although it is not easy to remove it during cleaning, there are certain ways to remove such stains and restore the fabric to its original appearance.

Although different fabrics are stained with ballpoint pens, there are certain differences in the difficulty and specific means of removal. However, the common practice for such stains is to put a towel under the stain and use a small brush to stain the alcohol. Lightly brush, wait until the stain dissolves and spreads, then soak the fabric in cold water, continue to apply soap on the stained area, gently brush it. If you don't remove the ballpoint stain completely, try again or twice, knowing to completely remove the stain. .

If, after the above treatment, there is a certain ballpoint pen residue on the fabric, then it is soaked or boiled with hot soapy water, so that the stain can be effectively removed after the treatment. It is important to note that since it is necessary to repeatedly wash the fabric during cleaning, it is required to pay attention to controlling the strength of the brushing, so as to avoid damage to the fabric when cleaning the fabric.