Method for removing some special stains from apparel fabrics

- Sep 17, 2019-

Many people do not pay attention to keep clean when using fabrics, resulting in a variety of stains on the fabric, such as dust, sweat and other common stains, it is easier to start at the beginning, according to the normal process can be cleaned, as for ink stains Although there are certain cleaning difficulties, oil stains, etc., can also be removed by certain methods. Even if the fabrics are stained with the following special stains, they can be found to remove them:

Cigarette oil stains: clothing fabrics are stained with chimney oil stains, must not continue to use, should be cleaned immediately, or once the oil stains dry, it is very difficult to remove later. The specific removal method is such that after the surface of the chimney is stained with oil, the grease is immediately scrubbed with gasoline, or immediately washed with warm soap, which is usually removed. However, when wiping with gasoline, you need to pay attention to the direction of cleaning from the outside to the inside, otherwise it will easily lead to the expansion of the stain to increase the difficulty of cleaning.

Coffee trace: For the coffee traces that are inadvertently stained on the fabric, if it is not too strong, the soap or washing powder can be immersed in hot water to clean it, but if it is thicker, it is slightly more difficult to remove. Sprinkle a little glycerin into the egg yolk, mix it and apply it on the coffee trace of the fabric. After the yolk that has been wiped is dry, wash it with soap and hot water.