Method of properly washing fabrics

- Sep 05, 2019-

In order to achieve the best effect when the fabric is used, people not only need to ensure that the quality of the fabric is qualified, but also need to use the correct method for cleaning when washing. Keep the fabrics available for purchase. So, how can we properly clean the fabric when cleaning the fabric?

It is best to choose hand wash. Although the washing of the fabric can also be washed by the washing machine, it is recommended that people use hand washing during the cleaning process, mainly because the washing machine will deform the fabric due to the strong centrifugal force during the cleaning process. The subsequent use effect has a great influence, so it is better to choose a hand wash method for cleaning when cleaning.

Never use bleach. In the process of using fabrics, people sometimes inevitably get some stains. Therefore, some users will like to use bleach to clean them during the cleaning process. This will cause the fabric to fade and damage the fabric. The performance, so people do not use bleach when cleaning, it is best to choose a neutral detergent.