The price of apparel fabrics will be affected by which factors

- Sep 15, 2019-

Although the price of apparel fabrics is determined by the manufacturers themselves, it has never been arbitrarily formulated by the manufacturers, but will consider various factors. After comprehensive analysis and calculation of various aspects, the final price will be given. In terms of many factors affecting the price of fabrics, the following factors of the fabric itself will affect its price:

Raw materials: Although they are all fabrics, there are differences in the raw materials used by different manufacturers in the production of fabrics. Even if the raw materials used are the same, there may be differences in cost due to different raw materials. The cost of raw materials is different, and the price of the apparel fabrics finally given by the manufacturers must be different.

Textile quality: The quality of the fabrics, although it has a lot to do with raw materials, dyeing effects and textiles, it depends largely on the quality of the textiles. Therefore, the quality of textiles will have a great impact on the value of fabrics, and naturally it will affect the price of apparel fabrics. Only fabrics with very good textile quality will be higher. If the quality of fabrics is poor, it is impossible to sell at high prices.

The price of apparel fabrics is mainly affected by these two factors. Whether there are differences in raw material quality or cost, or differences in textile quality, there will be differences in the price of apparel fabrics.