The raw materials used will affect the price of apparel fabrics

- Sep 13, 2019-

Although there are many factors affecting the price of apparel fabrics, in essence, the price of fabrics is determined by the cost and quality of the fabric itself. In terms of cost, it includes many aspects such as raw material cost and labor cost. From the aspect of quality, it is related to the raw materials, textile quality and dyeing effect of the fabric.

Among them, as far as the impact of raw materials on the price of apparel fabrics is concerned, it is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is quality and the other is cost. From the first aspect, the better the quality of the raw materials, the higher the quality level of the finished garment fabrics, which will be sold in the market at a relatively high price in the case of higher fabric values. . However, if the quality of raw materials used in apparel fabrics is relatively poor, it will be because the quality of the fabrics produced is not good enough and has a relatively low price.

From the second aspect, even the same fabrics, different manufacturers will have different cost inputs in terms of raw materials, transportation, etc., resulting in the use of the same quality level of raw materials to produce fabrics of the same quality level, but in the raw materials. The cost of the aspect is higher. Such manufacturers, in order to recover costs and protect their own profits, the price of apparel fabrics is usually slightly higher.