Things to be aware of in the process of applying apparel fabrics

- Sep 12, 2019-

The performance of the apparel fabric in use is not only related to the manufacturer's level of fabric quality and performance, but also has a lot to do with the user's use. In order to ensure the good use of the fabric, not only the manufacturer is required to optimize the production, the fabric is guaranteed to have excellent quality and excellent performance, and the user is also required to pay attention to the following matters during the application process:

1. When washing the fabric, the user should pay attention to the timely washing after the fabric is soaked, try not to soak, especially not soak for a long time, but also avoid using the alkaline washing powder, otherwise it will be in the washing process because of the water. Corrosion of the washing powder causes damage to the fabric, resulting in a long edge in the relevant characteristics and appearance of the fabric.

2. When cleaning the fabric, the user should pay attention to gently rub, after the water is rinsed, pay attention to avoid hard twisting, if necessary, can use the washing machine to dry, but pay attention to flatten the fabric before drying, do not Dry the wrinkled fabric directly out.

3. Due to the undesirable phenomenon of shrinkage, tackiness and surface wrinkles when the fabric is exposed to high temperature, users are required to pay attention to avoid contact with high temperature when applying fabrics. When washing fabrics, pay attention to ensure that the water temperature is 30. Below Celsius.

In addition, in the process of applying apparel fabrics, you should also pay attention to store them in a clean environment and avoid being squeezed during storage.