What is the specific characteristics of Tencel fabric?

- Sep 01, 2019-

Although different manufacturers have different relations due to the specific production capacity and the raw materials used, it will lead to certain differences in the manufactured Tencel fabric. However, in general, as long as the strength of the manufacturer is good enough to produce according to the requirements, even if the fabrics produced are different, there will be no major differences in quality and performance. For example, many of the fabrics made by many excellent fabric manufacturers have the following characteristics:

As far as the Tencel fabrics manufactured by many excellent manufacturers are concerned, they have the excellent hygroscopicity, smoothness and smoothness, and comfort of ordinary viscose fibers. At the same time, they are also very low and overcome the low strength of ordinary viscose fibers, especially It is a defect of low wet strength and almost reaches the level of polyester in strength. In the absence of dyeing, such fabrics are generally white in color and have a circular cross-section of optical fibers. From the material point of view, Tencel fabric compared with other fibers, the moisture regain rate is only 11%, in short, a lot of excellent quality and excellent performance, but also has a good comprehensive performance.

These are the characteristics of the Tencel fabrics manufactured by many excellent manufacturers, and they are also the universal characteristics of these fabrics. However, in terms of the fabrics produced by many manufacturers, there will be certain differences in the specific performance level.