Blackout Curtain Holland Velvet Fabric For Home Decoration

- Mar 04, 2021-

Feature :

1: High-grade Blackout Holland velvet is particularly soft, silky touch 

2: Thick and exquisite : thickening, encryption, exquisite, have vertical feeling, wear-resistant, do not pilling not shrink. 

3: Color bright active printing and dyeing, health printing and dyeing, Bright color , not lose color, but the same color suitable for clothing, sofa fabric, home textile, decoration and so on, widely used, very popular love! Wide width Blackout velvet fabric for curtain,has smooth, natural straight feeling, the overall look of high-end gorgeous decorative, dark can be more than 90% of the shade .So it is widely used in curtain as upholstery in home decoration .

We have many colors ready goods in our warehouse ,if you interested ,please contact me .

Blackout Holland velvet curtain fabric  -400Holland velvet curtain fabric blackout decoration -400