Can I Customize The Print Designs On Flannel Fleece Fabric?

- May 21, 2020-

Can i customize the print designs on flannel fleece fabric?

    Can i customize the print designs on flannel fleece fabric?Many customers want to print their own designs on fleece fabric to create new patterns for selling.But there may not easy to find a good factory to achieve it.

    We are a manufacturer of home textile,like velvet fabric,minky fabric,coral fleece,flannel fleece,sherpa fleece,velour,cushion,curtan,blanket and so on.Printing is the regular production for us to decorate our fabric.And most we use are digital print,screen print,water print,oil print,brozing and so on.Just like below printing designs:

Print coral fleece_副本

1.Double sides print flannel fleece fabric 

Print plush fabric_副本

2.Print velour fabric

rainbow plush fabric

3.Rainbow plush fabric

Print blanket

4.Print blanket

If you are interested in our products and want to customize your own designs,welcome to contact me