Cloth Sofa Fabric Classification 3

- Sep 27, 2019-

7. Rattan sofa:

The natural style of the rattan sofa is a symbol of leisure life. It means close to nature, simple yet luxurious, and the comfort and convenience it brings make people feel free and free.

Advantages: The rattan sofa is generally a common sofa in the past few years. It perfectly combines simplicity and elegance, and it presents a rhythm of modernity and classicality. It brings us not only the use of it. It is just a high-quality enjoyment in life, and it can also be used to feel a sense of simplicity.

Disadvantages: It is a "guy" who is afraid of heat. Therefore, when using it, try to avoid high temperature. You should also pay attention to moisture, otherwise it will be easy to bend and crack.

8. Leather art sofa:

The leather sofa is a seat made of animal skin, such as pig skin, cowhide, sheepskin, etc., which has been processed by a specific process.

Advantages: The sofa of leather art is more textured and more upscale than the sofa of other materials, and the price is correspondingly high. A seat made of leather made from animal skin. It has the functions of breathability, softness and so on. People sit very comfortable and are not easy to get dirty.

Disadvantages: Since the leather sofa is used for a period of time, the internal grease will be volatilized and become hard and thus need maintenance care.

9. Wooden sofa:

The modern Chinese style solid wood sofa art design style abandons the complicated carving and texture of traditional Chinese furniture, simplifies it as much as possible, conforms to the modern aesthetic point of view and spiritual pursuit, retains the artistic conception and spiritual symbol of traditional Chinese furniture, and captures most of the young people. heart of.

Advantages: Variety of styles. There are American, modern, European, Chinese and other styles. The style of each style is not the same. Give people a sense of high-end, high grade. In general, so choose a wooden sofa, it is best to choose solid wood.

Disadvantages: If the wooden sofa contains formaldehyde, it is difficult to volatilize if the wood has a large water content. Placed in a damp place, it is easy to deform. At the same time, the wooden sofa can't be close to the heating, and there is a heater around.