Fabric Ingredients

- Feb 20, 2020-

Fabric is the material used to make clothes. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabric can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly affect the color of clothing, modeling performance effect. In the big world of clothing, clothing fabrics are diverse and changing with each passing day. But tell from overall, high grade, high-grade fabrics, have to wear comfortable, absorb sweat and breathe freely, drape and erect, vision is noble, touch is gentle and beautiful wait for a few respects characteristic. The specific components 01 Hemp: it is a kind of plant fiber, be known as cool and noble fiber, its hygroscopicity is good, put wet also quick, produce electrostatic heat conduction not easily big, quick come loose heat, wear cool, after perspiring not close fit, more washable, heat resistance is good. 02 Silkworm silk: natural animal protein fiber, smooth and soft, full of luster, have the feeling of warm in winter and cool in summer, friction has a unique "silk Ming" phenomenon, have good elongation, better heat resistance, not resistant to salt water erosion, not suitable for chlorine bleach or detergent treatment. 03 Viscose: wood, cotton short velvet, reed and other materials containing natural cellulose chemical material processing, also often called artificial cotton, with the basic properties of natural fiber, dyeing performance, good fastness, fabric soft, heavy, drapery, hygroscopicity, wear cool, not easy to produce static electricity, fuzz and pilling. 04 Acetate fiber: made of natural materials containing cellulose through chemical processing, silk style, wear light and comfortable, with good elasticity and elasticity recovery, not suitable for washing, poor color fastness. 05 Polyester: polyester fiber, with excellent elasticity and recovery, fabric crisp, wrinkle-free, good shape retention, high strength, good elasticity, durability and excellent light resistance, but easy to produce static electricity and poor absorption of dust. 06 Polyamide fiber: polyamide fiber, also known as nylon, dyeing in synthetic fiber is better, wear light, and has good waterproof and windproof performance, high wear resistance, strength and elasticity are very good. 07 Polypropylene fiber: looks like MAO rong silk or cotton, waxy feel and luster, elasticity and recovery is not easy to wrinkle proportion small, light, clothing comfort, can quickly transfer sweat to the skin to maintain comfort, strength and wear resistance are better durable, not resistant to high temperature. 08 Spandex: good elasticity, also known as elastic fiber, also known as lycra, good elasticity, feel smooth, hygroscopicity is small, good weather and chemical resistance, can be machine washing, poor heat resistance. 09 Vinylon: the fabric looks and feels like cotton cloth, with poor elasticity, good wetness, low specific gravity and thermal conductivity, light and warm wearing, good strength and wear resistance, strong and wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance, sunlight resistance and other properties. 10 Pure linen cambric: with fine, thin, crisp, smooth style, better air permeability and comfort. 11 Xiabu: is a traditional Chinese textile, fabric color white, soft luster, wearing when the body is clear sweat, crisp and cool characteristics. 12 Woven hemp fabric: fine texture, firm and durable, and clean, feel are softer than pure hemp fabric, comfortable to wear. 13 Perisus: it is wool mixed polyester, the surface is smooth, the quality of a material is thin, the feel is refreshing, the crisp is crumpled, is easy to wash is easy to dry, has the good wearing performance. 14 Gabardine: also known as gabardine, feel slippery and waxy and solid, tight and elastic texture, smooth smooth smooth natural color. 15 What taste: by mixed dress material processing method is different, cent wool surface what taste, yuan surface what taste and mix spinning what taste, wool surface what taste yuan ze nature is soft, feel not board not coarse, glutinous and not rotten, have a body bone, smooth surface what taste without fuzz, grain is clear, smooth level off without aurora, feel slippery and straight. Blend what flavor, crisp anti - wrinkle, easy to wash and hot, have better shape - preserving clothing. 16 Thin tweed: light and light, feel smooth, comfortable to wear, crisp, hygroscopic, breathable. 17 Loose light wool fabric: it is easy, soft, loose in structure, light in weight, soft in hand, elastic, breathable and comfortable to wear. 18 Melden: a kind of woolen fabric with plump hand feel, clean and smooth surface, solid body, elastic, wear-resistant and not easy to pilling, soft and beautiful color. 19 Plush: also known as sea tiger velvet, smooth and upright, the hair from dense firm, warm property, bright suede, soft, feel plump and thick, warm and light, with good durability. 20 Viscose: good moisture absorption, easy to dye, fabric with good feel, comfortable to wear, good drape, washable. 21 Plain cloth: simple organization, compact structure, firm and firm, smooth surface and lack of tube elasticity. 22 Muslin: the fabric is firmer than silk, the surface is smooth and clean, thin and light like silk, soft and comfortable. 23 Poplin: fine, thin, soft, smooth, crisp, the surface texture clear grain full, shiny and smooth, with good texture. 24 Babel yarn: it is very thin and light, with good comfort on the body, good moisture absorption and air permeability, and unique thin, thin, cool and other styles. 25 Khaki: the fabric is compact, thick and firm, with good wear resistance, crisp and clear weave. 26 Tribute satin: smooth surface, delicate, soft feel, good luster, bright color, with a very good elastic texture close and not easy to deformation. 27 Crepe: crinkled fabric, also known as walnut, light and soft, smooth novel, easy to dye. 28 Oxford cloth: cotton fabric with characteristics, with soft feel, natural luster, cloth surface pores, comfortable to wear, good shape preservation. 29 Gabardine: also known as gabardine, a type of fine twill cotton fabric. Its texture is thick, straight but not hard, wear resistance but not crack. 30 Cotton satin: satin cotton products, with silk-like luster and satin style, soft feel, texture thick, elastic, comfortable to wear, good color appearance. 31 Corduroy: soft to the touch, straight and round velvet strips, clear lines, plump down, firm and wear-resistant texture. 32 Flannelette: soft to the touch, good warmth protection, comfortable to wear, soft appearance color. 33 Cashmere: it is light in texture and very warm. It is a unique and rare animal fiber. It is known as "fiber diamond" and "soft gold" in foreign countries. 34 Rabbit hair: small density, warm, elastic, hygroscopicity strong, soft, warm, beautiful and other characteristics, poor cohesion, low strength, easy to lose hair. 35 Sea hair: high strength, high elastic recovery rate, strong wrinkle resistance, good wear resistance and moisture absorption, strong antifouling, good dyeing, not shrinkage and not easy felting. 36 Camel wool: light color, weak luster, soft feel, good elasticity and strength, warm, wear resistance. 37 Worsted fabric: the weave is clear, the color is bright and soft, the texture is close, feels soft, crisp and elastic. 38 Woollen fabric: thick texture, feel plump and firm, not easy to deform, good warmth. 39 Plush: plump and thick, soft feel, rich elasticity, good warmth, not easy deformation. 40 Satin: fine soft texture, smooth and bright surface, delicate and delicate.