Fabric Sofa Fabric, Do You Know These 8 Kinds?

- Sep 28, 2019-

Hair is an important form of upholstered furniture, and the combination of comfort and aesthetics is key. Among the many components of the sofa, the fabric not only affects the sense of direct seating, but also an important manifestation of appearance and grade.

Therefore, it is necessary for consumers and furniture people to understand the basic fabric knowledge and related processes, know how to match the fabric according to the characteristics of the fabric, and know how to maintain the fabric.

From the types of fabrics, there are many kinds of sofas, such as our common leather sofas and cloth sofas. The fabrics of leather sofas are relatively rare. In this article, we mainly focus on the fabric types and forms of fabric sofas for everyone. Combing.

Flocking cloth


Flocking fabric is a common fabric form of fabric sofas, mainly using the physical principle of heterogeneous charge-related attraction. First, the fluff is negatively charged, and the fabric to be flocked is placed at zero potential or grounded; in this case, the fluff receives the attraction of the opposite sex and accelerates linearly to the surface of the object that is not flocked; Since the surface of the flocked object is previously coated with an adhesive, the fluff can be firmly attached to the plant body.


The characteristic of flocking cloth is that it is rich in color and bright, has a good three-dimensional sense, and the touch is also very soft, which is flat and resistant to friction.