Flannel Bedsure Blanket

- Jan 05, 2021-

In the cold winter and cold nights, there is nothing better than sniffing under a soft blanket to become comfortable.

For one of the most comfortable options out there, you might want to take the advice of thousands of Amazon shoppers who recommended Bedsure Flannel fleece blankets.

The super soft blankets have received more than 50,000 ratings on Amazon, and nearly 40,000 reviewers rate them five out of five.

Shoppers praised the fact that they are light and warm, and described the blankets as "soft and comfortable", "extremely luxurious" and "really soft and comfortable."

A very satisfied shopper wrote in their review: "This is definitely a wonderful choice. The fact that it is soft, warm and light is a plus. Wash. Highly recommended."

Another shopper described the blanket as "like a warm hug." They added: "Seriously, this is a liquid hug that melts on your body and feet."

Because they are affordable, yet comfortable and attractive, many reviewers say they have purchased blankets to protect the bed and sofa where the pet is lying on the bed.

Someone wrote: "Because I have a puppy who loves to sit on the sofa, so I throw things on the sofa. Well done, it looks good and feels soft. I like it very much. When someone washes, I throw things Ordered another one.