High-grade Fabric Sofa Fabric Knowledge

- Oct 07, 2019-

Cloth sofas are a common type of sofa in our life. The selection of fabrics in sofas is very particular. Especially the fabrics used in some high-end sofas are some fabrics that you can't think of. However, there are a lot of sofa styles that we know every day. What brand of fabric sofa is good, and what are the high-end sofa fabric knowledge.

1. High-density NC cloth is a kind of fabric which is blended or interwoven with nylon (nylon) and cotton yarn. Its density is relatively high, and generally adopts flat structure. Since nylon is involved in interlacing or blending, the heat resistance and light resistance of the fabric are poor. In the course of use, it is necessary to pay attention to the conditions of washing and ironing to avoid damage.

2. Polyester synthetic fiber is made of polymer compound, and polyester is one of them. It is also called polyester fiber. High strength, strong wear resistance, good elasticity and strong heat resistance. However, there is a lack of a hydrophilic structure between the molecules, so the hygroscopicity is extremely poor and the gas permeability is also poor.

3, 3M waterproof mousse cloth has good waterproof performance, and does not affect the breathability and moisture permeability of the fabric. The gloss is soft and elegant; the hand feels soft, smooth and delicate; the touch is warm; the body is fluffy and elastic.

4. Polyester-cotton blending not only highlights the style of polyester but also the strength of cotton fabric. It has good elasticity and wear resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable size, small shrinkage, straight and not easy to wrinkle and easy to wash. Quick drying features, can not be soaked with high temperature ironing and boiling water.

The leisure fabric sofa design is more suitable for young people, the design is more in line with the modern society, the design is more advanced, the sofa is rich in color, the style is diverse, and the space is large. Suitable for modern decoration style.