How To Avoid The Problem Before CNY

- Jan 05, 2021-

Every year, the Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday comes around and throws newer importers for a loop.

Factories will be totally shut down for a number of weeks, and after they reopen, it’s going to take at least a few more weeks for them to get back up to full capacity.

Importers who don’t plan for the holiday in advance will undoubtedly be shocked a few months from now.

They’ll try to place an order in December and expect to receive it in February or March. Then, the factory will tell them that they won’t receive it until April or May.

This happens every year, and for importers working with Chinese factories, it’s important to understand the impact of this holiday on their supply chain.

CNY slows business down in a way that no holiday in the US, Europe, or Australia ever does. It also leads to increased quality issues that need to be mitigated around the holiday period.

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