How To Prepare Shipments Of Velvet Fabric During Chinese New Year ?

- Jan 05, 2021-

How long is CNY holiday?


In year 2021 ,Our Chines new year in 12th ,Feb,just one week. Even though the actual holiday is not that long,But the celebration can go on for much longer.Because 

most Chinese companies close one to two weeks prior to the actual date. So for most migrant workers, add them another week before that and another week after that, which means three weeks unavailable for your supplier.

What can I do if I need my shipment depart from China before CNY?

1. Keep in close touch with your vendor to make sure the production process is on schedule

· To identify the production speed

· To have enough time to correct possible quality defects while producing

Workers are under pressure to finish on-time, they also look forward to taking their holidays and leave to spend some time with their family in their hometown. So be cautious your vendors may rush orders out the door with defects that would not normally be allowed.

2. Two weeks for bookings and then another one week for ETA in case of delays

When the New Year approaches, factories kick into high-gear in an attempt to ship as many orders as possible. When planning strategy for peak season, be sure to buffer for the CNY.

There are too much goods to ship out before the holiday. Most likely, your container will be rolled to the next available vessel because of space issues, even if you’ve already received a booking confirmation from the carrier. Also keep in mind the inland trucking availability.

Find a dependable freight forwarder and contact them as early as possible.

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