Parsing Velvet Fabric.

- Dec 21, 2019-

I believe many people have heard of velvet, and the name sounds very comfortable. But many people don't know what material velvet is made of. Today we will explain to you.

Velvet is made of high quality veil. The raw materials are mainly 80% cotton and 20% polyester, 20% cotton and 80% cotton, 65T% and 35C%, and bamboo fiber cotton.

The structure of velvet is usually weft knitted terry, which can be divided into ground yarn and terry yarn. It is often interwoven with different raw materials such as cotton, nitrile, viscose yarn, polyester and nylon, and different raw materials are used to compile according to the purpose.

There are two main types of velvet, flowers and plants. The plain velvet looks all loops, and the flower velvet cuts some loops into piles according to the pattern, which is composed of the loops and the loops.

Flower velvet can be divided into two types: "bright flower" and "dark flower". The patterns are mostly Tuanlong, Tuanfeng, Wufu Zongshou, flowers and birds, Bogu, etc. The texture is often expressed by bumps, and the color is black, The sauce is mainly purple, apricot yellow, blue and brown.

Features of velvet fabric: Velvet piles or loops stand tight, good color, noble and elegant, fabric is strong and abrasion resistant, not easy to fade, and good resilience.


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