Haining Sends An Emergency Notice Immediately Carry Out The Large-scale Overhaul Of The Whole City's Safety Production .

- Dec 06, 2019-

Haining sends an emergency notice: immediately carry out the large-scale overhaul of the whole city's safety production .

On December 3, an accident caused by the collapse of sewage tank occurred in Haining Longzhou Printing and dyeing Co., Ltd.. In order to learn lessons deeply, investigate safety risks in an all-round way, deal with hidden dangers of accidents in a timely manner, earnestly improve safety level and safety guarantee ability, and resolutely curb all kinds of serious and serious safety accidents, it has been decided to carry out a major inspection and rectification of production safety throughout the city immediately.




Close to the end of the year, every factory and customer is in the hurry to produce and delivery fabric .So this big rectification certainly will stretch the production and delivery period.If there is an order should place it in early December as soon as possible, then it will be shipped in advance of the year.