Tencel Fabric Is Completely Non-harmful And Healthy.

- Oct 12, 2019-

If you know more about fabrics, especially those who know more about fabrics, you should be able to find that Tencel fabrics are often used in many everyday life, especially in fabric products that come into contact with them. Among the many fabric varieties, this fabric is often used to make bedding and other textiles commonly used in daily life. The important reason is that because it is very healthy in materials, it is not harmful, and it is healthy. Very guaranteed.

With the reliable guarantee of health, the fabric made of Tencel fabric is very safe, suitable for direct contact with the human body, and does not harm human health at all. This is a basic requirement that many textiles have in fabric materials. It is said that this kind of fabric is not a harmful item at all, and it is very safe in health. It is mainly because in the poisoning test, according to European 67/584/EEC and other relevant regulations, Tencel fiber is not a harmful item, and TENCEL A100 It is a kind of non-fibrillated fiber. After spinning the standard type Tencel, the fibril fiber will not be fibrillated by cross-linking with Axis.

Not only that, but according to the test results of the filth test on the toxic test, according to the regulations on the content of harmful substances in household textiles in Japan, the test result is low formaldehyde, and the value is completely within the specified range. The test results in this respect can also confirm this. The fabric is very healthy.

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