The Resolution Method Of Fabric Sofa Fabric

- Oct 02, 2019-

One of the most important ways to judge the quality of a fabric sofa is to look at the fabric. The quality of fabric sofa fabrics on the market is uneven, and the quality of fabrics is equivalent to the quality of this fabric sofa. So, what kind of fabric is a good fabric?

Generally speaking, the thin fabric of the printed pattern is cheap because of the simple process; while the pattern and the like are woven, it is thicker and higher.

When you purchase, carefully observe the pattern of the fabric. The pattern woven by different latitude and longitude lines has a three-dimensional effect, which is not as smooth as a printed fabric. In addition, the fabrics made of pure cotton and pure wool are higher than those of ordinary rayon.

The fabric of the sofa is quite different due to the difference in the leather.

What is the fabric sofa fabric?

The linen fabric is durable and easy to clean. The velvet fabric should choose high-grade velvet fabric, so that it is not easy to fall down. Fluffy cotton is PP cotton in our furniture industry. In fact, it is not easy to collapse. It has not been used for a long time. Fluffy feeling, turned into a ball, in fact, fluffy cotton is much cheaper than sponge. But the fluffy cotton sofa cushion will also be covered with a layer of sponge. Just the density of the sponge is lower. I am in the furniture The work of the company. I understand the density of the sponge. Judging whether the quality of the sponge is good or bad can not be heard by the sales. I have been working for a long time. I can basically touch the density of the sponge by hand. The soft sponge is generally soft. It is used in the backrest area. However, the soft sponge must also have elasticity. Otherwise, it is a low-density sponge. The sponge in the seat cushion should not only be considered as a sponge with high hardness. The sponge with high hardness is generally high. Low, time is long, the sponge will fall. To choose a flexible sponge, just press it down for a while, he will naturally rebound. It is also a touch. It is not the kind. it is good.