What Is Knitted Denim Fabric?

- Oct 09, 2019-

What is knitted denim fabric? Is knit denim fabric ok? Knitted denim fabric has very good elasticity, so it will be more comfortable to wear on the body, and the texture is very soft. So many friends who like to wear denim like to choose it. Maybe many consumers have a vague concept on knitted denim fabric, so The following small series will lead everyone to understand what is knitted denim fabric? Is knit denim fabric ok?

Knitted denim fabric is a kind of denim, but it is made of knit fabric. The denim is better than the woven fabric. The knitted denim is made of knitting weft, and the bundled dyed indigo and blue are used. Knitted cheese yarns such as black and vulcanized black are specially produced on a large circular machine to produce a garment fabric having a washing and fading effect. Its types mainly include small fish scales, large fish scales, thick twill loops, ribbed terry loops, plain jerseys and so on.

Knitted denim has better elasticity, feels softer than denim, and is comfortable to wear. This is the advantage of knitted denim. Because it is knitted weft knitting, the selection of different functional fibers is a major advantage of knitted denim. Most of the knitted denim produced by the company, in addition to the conventional cotton, cotton polyester, cotton polyester spandex, also absorbs perspiration and antibacterial. Stinky, anti-ultraviolet, warm and other functional characteristics. It can be faded and discolored by washing to the style that the garment wants.

In this trend of innovation and differentiation, the pursuit of specialization, the sense of the times, leading a new wave of denim fabrics, new revolutions, ever-changing, and ever-changing are the inevitable requirements of enterprises.