What Is Microsuede Fabric ?

- Apr 26, 2020-

What is microsuede fabric ?

Microsuede is a new, exceptional man-made fabric with wonderful advantages. Composed of millions of fine [micro-denier] 100% pure polyester fibers, it has the soft hand of natural suede leather but none of leather's drawbacks.The napped surface feels like genuine suede.

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 Is microsuede fabric durable?

Microsuede fabric is a type of faux leather made from polyester fabric with a suede-like texture.Microsuede is popular for home decor, like furniture upholstery fabric, particularly in homes with children and pets, as the faux suede fabric is durable and can be cleaned more easily than suede.

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Is microsuede fabric easy to clean?

microsuede sofas not only look stylish, but they are also extremely easy to cleanMicrosuede is difficult to stain because the fabric's small, tightly woven fibers naturally repel water and other liquids, but you'll want to clean it regularly to prevent small problems from becoming big issues.