What Is Minky Fleece Fabric

- Jun 28, 2020-

So, what is a minky fleece blanket? It’s an incredibly soft, luxurious blanket that provides a lot of warmth yet lacks the bulk that comes with certain types of blankets such as those made from wool. They’re the type of blankets you can put anywhere in your house as a throw; over beds, the backs of couches and chairs, etc. And they’re as useable as they are stylish. Minky blankets truly do combine the worlds of comfort and chic. 

Part of what makes minky fleece blankets so unique is the extra soft material used to make them. You might be familiar with other types of blanket materials like cotton, wool, and polyester. Cotton blankets are great for providing warmth without trapping heat, making excellent choices for hot summer months. Wool, while scratchy and uncomfortable at times, is a great fabric for being outdoors as it can protect those who wear it from rain. Polyester is a synthetic fiber used in many ways, from yarns and ropes to the cushioning and insulating material inside of pillows. It’s also what minky fleece blankets are made from.

Minky blankets are made from 100% polyester. Usually, 100% polyester material is used to make baby blankets, clothing, and accessories. If you’ve ever held a baby blanket, you know they are extra soft. Imagine have an adult-sized blanket that soft, all for yourself! 

Minky fleece blankets are carefully designed with lots of different patterns so you can pick one that fits you. Because our blankets are made with such high quality, they won’t lose their texture, color, or ability to keep you warm over time.

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