What Is Velvet Fabric

- Mar 30, 2021-

Velvet is now a very popular fabric. I believe everyone is familiar with it. You can often see this fabric in home furnishing materials. Do you know much about this fabric?

What is velvet fabric

Velvet is a very popular material in home textiles. It has a soft and delicate feel and rich colors, so it is loved by everyone, especially many sofa fabrics, curtains, pillows, and blankets are all use this material. It used is a high-quality veil. 

The conventional raw materials are mainly 100% polyester fiber, 6% spandex, and 94% polyester fiber. The dyeing way belongs to reactive printing and dyeing, healthy printing and dyeing, bright in color, and non-fading.

Curtain velvet fabric

       Curtain velvet fabric

       1.Weight:290gsm ,Width:290cm 


       3.Complication:Curtain ,sofa ,cushion and so on...


The organizational structure of velvet is usually a weft-knitted loop structure, which can generally be divided into ground yarn and loop yarn. It is usually woven from different materials, such as cotton, glasses, viscose silk, polyester, and nylon. According to different uses, different raw materials can be used for weaving.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Dutch fluff is plump, fine texture, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, and durable. It is elastic, without lint, lint-free, good water absorption performance, twice that of pure cotton products, and does not have any irritation to the human body. 

The piles or pile loops of velvet stand inseparably, the color is elegant, the textile is firm and wear-resistant, it is not easy to fade, and the resilience is good. Its products require high-quality cotton with high grade, low linear density, long length, and good maturity. The delicate touch, smooth drape, and noble and elegant luster of fabric are still unmatched by other fabrics, so it is always the favorite choice of the gorgeous cloth guessed by the costume painters.

Inadvertently layering Dutch fleece clothing can easily destroy the natural direction of the plush, and there is no way to recover it, and it is easy to have static electricity. Because of the characteristics of itself, the surface layer is composed of dense small piles. In the process of fabric manufacturing and production, there will be some small pile particles remaining on the clothes, which is unavoidable. It is usually washed out during the first few items of washing, especially dark brown clothing such as dark gray, lake blue, and carbon gray.

Decorative pillows

     Luxury Throw Pillows

       1.Luxury throw pillows in micro velvet fabric;
       2.Pure hand made velvet pillow covers for home textile;
       3.18×18inch,45×45cm square pillow covers,70colors for selecting;


How to wash

Because of its lightness, good elasticity, etc., velvet fabric has a wide range of uses. For example, sports pants contain their ingredients, and they can also be made into bed sheets, curtains, and so on. Therefore, velvet fabrics are widely used in the market.

1. The fabric should avoid friction and pulling, and change and wash frequently.

2. After washing, drying, and ironing the fabric, it should be stacked flat.

Curtain Fabric In Bronze

    Curtain Fabric In Bronze

      1.New creative design of polyester curtain fabric in bronze.
      2.Elegant designs for home decoration.
      Micro velvet in smooth silk hand feeling and polyester composition.
      designed for wholesalers directly.


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