What Material Is Good For Sofa Fabric

- Mar 19, 2021-

When buying a sofa, what fabric do you prefer to choose? which is more suitable for us, Leather fabric, linen fabric, corduroy fabric, cotton fabric, or velvet fabric. No matter which material you choose, soft, delicate, abrasion-resistant, and easy to clean are the tendencies of people's choices.

Types of sofa fabrics

Linen sofa fabric:

Linen sofa fabric is mainly made of polyester, polyester, and linen blended materials. The yarn texture is rough, the structure is loose, and the unevenness is obvious. In order to restore the texture of hemp, the hand feel is mostly rough, which is loved by many customers who pursue nature.

The advantage is that it is breathable, easy to clean, and suitable for hot seasons and regions. However, the fabric is easy to wrinkle, the structure is not strong enough, and it is not wear-resistant enough, and it is not suitable for or suitable for winter and needs to be replaced in seasons.


     Linen Upholstery Fabric

Item:Linen upholstery fabric
       Weight:350gsm ,Width:145CM

Feature: Classic and fashion,easy to clean 
       Good for the sofa, chair, toys, mattress, bag, box, cushion, article, and many home decorations.


Leather sofa fabric:

Leather sofa fabric is an important role in luxury home textile decoration. It is suitable for retro, luxurious and current decoration style. The surface of the leather is smooth, delicate, shiny, and has a delicate texture. The leather is delicate, durable, and resistant to stains. A good leather sofa, if used properly and well maintained, can last for decades.

However, leather is expensive, difficult to maintain, and the cost of regular maintenance is also high. It is not suitable for customers who like to change the decoration frequently, and it is not suitable for families with pets.

PU Faux Leather Fabric.jpg

       PU Faux Leather Fabric

       1.PU faux leather fabric uses classic Litchi design with smooth surface, soft feeling, high saturation.

        2.this material surface has done water-proof treatment .0.7MM thickness with knitting backing.

        3.good to use in many fields like furniture covering, car covering, cushion, bag, and so on.



Chenille sofa fabric:

Chenille has closed loops instead of naps. Although chenille is still very soft and comfortable to the touch, it is chunky and provides extra durability compared to velvet. As with velvet, we recommend that you look for a good-performance chenille to prevent stains. However, cat owners should be careful: tufted chenille tufts can easily get caught in the paws of scratching cats (or dogs!).

Sofa Fabric Twill Velvet

      Sofa Fabric Twill Velvet

      1.Weight:220GSM+100TC backing 


      3.Application:sofa Toy ,garment ,coat ,blanket,carpet 


velvet sofa fabric

Velvet sofa fabric is the most widely used fabric on the market now. It has an excellent touch, delicate and soft. Its color is very brilliant, can be dyed into any specified color, and the color rendering is very high. Velvet is also a very popular material for printing designs. This fabric can be used as curtains, pillows, blankets, etc. to form a whole series of home textile decorations. Easy to wash and economical in price; high-precision velvet can withstand daily wear and tear well.

The disadvantage of delicate velvet is that it is easy to get dirty, and it is mainly washed by dry cleaning.

Velvet Sofa Fabric

        Velvet Sofa Fabric

        100% polyester velvet sofa fabric, bonded with knitted fabric in the bottom, heavyweight in 320gsm, soft and smooth

        used for furniture covering material, home decorative material, and garment.


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