The method of choosing high quality clothing fabrics

- Sep 10, 2019-

Although the fabric has a very obvious advantage compared with other fabrics, the quality of the fabrics in the market is very different due to the large number of manufacturers in the market and the influence of competition. . If the user wants to have a very good use effect when using it, then he must choose the high-quality clothing fabric when choosing. Here is a detailed introduction to the selection method:

Look at the fabric for the phenomenon of hair loss. Since it can become a high-quality fabric in the market, it will not appear to lose hair during the process of use, and even in frequent pulls, there will be no hair loss. Therefore, when people choose, they can use the right strength to pull the fabrics to see if they will have hair loss. If there is a phenomenon of hair loss, then its quality is inevitable. Be cautious when choosing.

See if the fabric is fading. If you want to choose high-quality clothing fabrics when you choose, you can also take a small piece of fabric to clean it with water to see if it will appear faded. If there is no problem of color loss, the quality of the fabric is high quality.