Differences Between Italian Velvet, Velvet And Dutch Velvet

- Mar 31, 2021-

Italian velvet, velvet, and Dutch velvet are similar fabrics with similar appearances, similar usage, similar composition. People are very curious about the difference between these three kinds of fabrics, and how to distinguish and select fabrics in use?

Different Appearance

1.Italian fluff should be longer,

2.The velvet hair is shorter.

3.Dutch fluff is also shorter.

Different Texture

1. Velvet is the name of silk fabric with pile warp forming pile loop or pile on the surface of the fabric. The fluff or loops of velvet stand tightly. It has the characteristics of gloss, wears resistance, and non-fading. It can be used for fabrics such as clothing and bedding.

2.The Italian velvet fiber is held on the stranded core yarn. The suede is plump, has a velvet feel, is soft and comfortable, has strong decorativeness, good air permeability, can show style and taste, and its natural and simple. Waterproof and oil proof, non-toxic and cool, lightfast, acid and alkali resistant.

3.Holland velvet is a kind of high-grade suede, which is especially soft and silky to the touch, which can not be compared with general velvet. Thick, dense, delicate, drape, wear-resistant, no ball, no shrinkage.

Different colors

1.Velvet is matte. The raw material used is 22-30 cocoon Grade A raw silk, silk is also used as warp, and cotton yarn is the "ground" interwoven with weft. Raise loops with silk or rayon. Both warp and weft are first degummed or semi-degummed, dyed, twisted, and then woven.

2.Italian velvet is bright, full of suede, velvet feel, and dull color.

3. Holland velvet belongs to reactive printing and dyeing, healthy printing and dyeing, bright in color, and non-fading.

Velvet fabric

Thick Velvet Fabric


       Thick Velvet Fabric

        1.Item:Thick velvet fabric
        2.Composition :100% Polyester
        3.weight is about 260gsm ,width is 150cm.
        4.Application: blanket ,pyjama ,warm cloth in winter.


Italian velvet


        Elegant Italian Velvet Fabric

        Elegant Italian velvet fabric is widely used for curtains, cushions, table runner and so on,and also can make create new 


        We can print ,embossed in the face of this fabric.
        As its elegant,shinny ,to decorate your home very fashion and high grade .


Holland velvet 


        Holland Velvet

        1.Item :Holland velvet
        3.Application:Toy ,garment ,coat ,blanket,carpet ...